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Manage Your Money - Financial Capability

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What is Financial Capability?

  • It is a skills for everyday life.

  • Knowledge and information about financial capability helps builds the confidence and understanding needed to deal effectively with money matters.

  • By being more aware of budgeting, spending and saving, banking, different forms of credit, how to deal with debt, you will be more able to manage your money. This will have a positive effect on everyday lives.

  • We provide Financial Capability Training for individual groups.

  • We also provide Financial Capability Training for frontline

Financial Capability Training

The following are all 2-hour sessions we can deliver as training for client groups:

Choosing credit

  • pros and cons of different types of borrowing
  • the costs of borrowing money
  • understanding and comparing APRs

Dealing with your bills

  • common causes of debt
  • consequences of not paying different types of bills
  • priority and non priority debts
  • increasing income and dealing with debts

Managing your money

  • the purpose of a personal budget
  •  income and expenditure in a personal budget
  • completing a budget sheet

Finding the best Energy Deal

  • who can switch energy suppliers?
  • comparing prices: how to get the best deal
  • next steps
  • making the most of the help available

Effective Banking

  • advantages of using an account
  • choosing between bank accounts
  • identification needed to open an account
  • payment cards
  • understanding bank statements
  • how to complain to a bank

Saving and planning for the future

  • identify things to save up for
  • give examples of reasons to save
  • describe key features of saving for large expenses
  • describe key features of different types of savings products
  • know some savings are protected
  • identify ways to make small savings

For more information on training and promotional events contact
HECA’s Financial Capability Trainer:
Tel: 01895 277307






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