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Clients' Feedback

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Every year we gather feedback on our services and in 2014-15 we received 661 completed feedback questionnaires from our clients. The results showed that:

  • 98.4% were ‘certain or likely’ to recommend us to others

  • 89.4% said our advice had made ‘a positive difference’

  • 80.4% reported reduced stress / improved health and wellbeing as a result of our advice

  • 75.7% said their confidence and ability to deal with problems improved as a result of our advice

In their own words:

  • “Outstanding service. The adviser was brilliant, very helpful, on the ball and very, very good at her job”

  • “Please keep on, people need your help because too many, like myself, have been treated very unfair”.

  • “The staff were amazing. Came in feeling depressed and left more confident and listened to. I would like to say thank you for listening”.

  • “My adviser was very helpful and very sensitive to me as a person with a disability”.

  • “Please keep doing the great work that you do. If it was not for CAB people would be in a lot of trouble but thanks to you they are not which is great”.

  • “CAB has compassion and treats everyone fairly”.


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